DEADALUS: ‘Remnant of Oblivion’ LP Out Now! Release Party Tonight @ Centre Culturel D’Ans (Belgium)

Tonight Deadalus are presenting their awesome record ‘Remnant of Oblivion‘. Released under Kreative Klan and recorded, mixed and mastered at Kreative Klan Studio: in these 7 tracks we are proving that good metal can still be played and produced in 2014. The band is from Liège so tonight they’re celebrating the Release Party with all their friends @ Centre Culturel D’Ans (pl. des Anciens Combattants – 4432 Ans-Alleur)… 7.30 sharp! The first copies of the album will be available at the merch corner and if you’re looking for the digital version find the link of your favourite online music shop below…

The best wish of a great night goes to Deadalus, who worked hard before, during and after this record release to deliver something they could be proud of and you could enjoy on stage as well as on your ipod… Check us on for more updates about Deadalus!

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