Marmore: ‘Paura della Luce’ EP Cover + Tracklist Preview

The record is done, recorded at Livingston Studios (London) and after a long while mixed and mastered at our Kreative Klan Studio. A 4 tracks’ Ep which means a lot to us… Here is the exclusive preview of ‘Paura della Luce‘ Tracklist and Photo Cover, which is one of the best non-human derelicts shot by Sara Massaglia photography ( Starting from this photo, Fabiola Murillo designed the full artwork,

which will carry the same clean beauty of the whole Marmore visual universe. This record is the start of Marmore, which played and lived in so many bands before, all over Europe. And this is a new start for Kreative Klan as well. And who saw these three guys playing knows what we mean by that. Not too long to wait for Paura della Luce to be out there…

Paura della Luce Tracklist:

1. Perdere Fiato Inutilmente
2. Kimberley
3. Kirk Bummer
4. Paura Della Luce

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