Marmore: New ButterFlies Shirt Design by Simone Bubbico. Available Now on Marmore Webstore

Marmore just released Paura della Luce EP available now on iTunes, Amazon and in streaming on Leaving soon for a few gigs in northern Europe they are proud to present a brand new shirt design, made by Simone Bubbico, a fine artist which happened to be a good friend of the band.

Simone Bubbico is quite surely one of the greatest new artists active in Turin lately. His great drawing line is just one of the amazing aspects of his art. Among his exhibitions the one we love the most is the one which PAN (Palazzo delle Arti di Napoli) called Una vaga sensazione di assenza: next to Simona Castaldo, Simone was playing with the concept of absence and trasparence. We guess the funniest and most evocative expressions by Simone Bubbico would be his installations which combine self-standing sculptures and a game of light and shadows. He just need a white wall, a few spotlights and some unbelievable implementation of what we knew as Chinese Shadows… Check a full photo gallery here (

We just love when a merchandise shirt is not just a band name on a gildan… ButterFlies is available now on Marmore Official Webstore and on their merch corner, if you get to check them live somewhere. All sizes available in sand, military green, chestnut and light blue (girlie version) for just 10,00 €…

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