New signing band to #kreativeklan: Skyshape (post-rock from Innsbruck)

kreativeklan hits again Innsbruck music scene. We have been working together with Skyshape for almost a year now. This post-rock prog alternative austrian band came to kreativeklanstudio last November, to make some pre-productions. 5 songs arranged and pre-recorded to have a nice idea of what their next record would have been. After that, they worked on those songs for months to enter the studio again last spring, for a full week of recordings.


Skyshape were born in fall 2010, when Michi joined the band. Before that there were just Simon and Klaus playing together since they were in school (2004) with Dani joining in a couple of years later. They started doing some alternative rock while listening to Nirvana, Deftones and Bring me the Horizon… After that Thrice and Thursday came on the international music scene and everything changed, not only for Skyshape.

Knowing where they come from, can maybe help a little bit understanding them as a band. But it’s not enough.

They are four kids with passion for music and life. Simon literally builds his own guitars, being the finest lutist for friends and himself. No wonder why he came to the studio with 7 guitars!!! Dani has a crazy voice and a beautiful newborn daughter… and when you ask him about his belly he says he grew it during his girlfriend pregnancy (???)… Klaus comes to the studio directly from his family farm, bringing 3 bottles (3!!) of fruity Schnapps, which make 40% alcohol by volume each, to have sweet fun in the evening, after recordings are done… Finally Michi is an amazing drummer, which is more than Skyshape could ask for.

Skyshape have the best live set and attitude, working on sonority and sound fx as major part of the gig experience. A very good test bench for them is playing acoustic sometimes, for little audiences and with a different approach to the stage. While they are sitting down they are proving themselves with choruses and complex rhythms and melodies, in an environment where no distorsion is covering the music you’re doing…

Skyshapewill release their debut ep next Autumn under kreativeklan flag, together with a music video they are working on right now. This record has been a major music and production effort and made us prove ourselves in a music scene we never faced before. Clean vocals, hundreds of guitars, sfx and complex melodic song structure. The EP will will be a 5 tracks’ record: cover artwork and full tracklist TBA soon… Thanks to Salvo for the recordings and the overall production and to Mirko for the best mix and mastering. And thanks to you guys, who will welcome this band with the love and the music curiosity they deserve.

Skyshape are:
Dani- Vox, Guitar
Klaus- Bass, Vox
Simon- Guitar, Screamings
Michi- Drums


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