Novel of Sin: ‘LOVE.LIVE.FALL’ New Official Videoclip Preview on BeheadingTheTraitor webtv next 12.05.2014!!

A year passed by since Novel of Sin released their first album Sound of Existence under Kreative Klan. Since then the band has been tirelessly on stage, next to european giants like Suicide Silence, BETRAYING THE MARTYRS, Bleed From Within.

Having now a completely new line up but keeping the same connection with the local and international scene, NOS waited to found the right stability and music awerness before producing something new. Finally – a few months ago – they entered kreativeklan studio and the result is LOVE.LIVE.FALL: a single track which will be released on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify next May 12th.

Love.Live.Fall videoclip – directed by TOMMY ANTONINI – will be previewed on BeheadingTheTraitor the very same day… What Novel of Sin are asking you is to help spread the word and stay tuned!! We promise it was worth the wait…

Novel of Sin

Kreative Klan