New signing band to Kreative Klan: MARMORE (Progressive Rock from Turin)

Marmore is a band formed in March 2013, by three lifetime friends. Their story is pretty simple, they basically played together their whole life, more than 10 years spent playing in different bands, such as the unforgettable experience of the London-based Crashing Foreign Cars. After a few years spent in the UK they’re forced to take some time off, before deciding to start again as a progressive-insturmental band.

Rejekts: ‘Io Senza Me’ in || SoloMacello fa anche i coperchi Vol. I Compilation ||

[...] in un momento in cui il Metal ottiene successi commerciali con sciocchezze [...] è nostro preciso dovere (è SoloMacello che parla…) ricordare che dischi triggerati e chitarrone tamarre rubate a Dimebag NON SONO LA SOLUZIONE. La soluzione è lavorare sodo, suonare duro come la proverbiale Sella Del Cosacco e non limonare nessuno degli Avenged Sevenfold, che poi prendi l’AIZ. Seguite queste semplici regole e diventerete pettinati come questi gruppi, che presi tutti insieme sicuramente non infondono speranza nel futuro (da un campione significativo l’84% di costoro auspica la Fine Del Mondo Mercoledì) ma ti faranno certamente esclamare PORCU DIGHEL CHE BELLO IL METAL DIVENTO METALLARO. [...]

Not To Save One’s Life: ‘I, The Realist’ Official Video OUT NOW!!

Music video by Not To Save One`s Live performing “I, The Realist” live @ PMK, Innsbruck. Directed by Martin Potocnik. Label: Kreative Klan. EP ‘Connection’ coming out Jan 2014!!!

TripSitter: ‘Decampment’ EP Cover + Tracklist Preview

Here is the beautiful cover of the forthcoming TripSitter Ep, for you in exclusive preview, followed by the full record tracklist. 6 tracks, soon to be released under Kreative Klan. There’s so much history behind this cover, and so much more behind the Ep itself. The main object of the cover design is a light and evocative butterfly, which was actually an amazing watercolor painting by the austrian artist Gertraud Taxer. The painter/artist is quite special to the band, being Meindl’ mother (vocals/guitar for TripSitter) among the other things… It is so nice to see what the original version of the painting was, more colourful and complex than the one we see in the cover. The band decided infact to turn it in the tones of black and sepia, getting a very special effect. It is perfect.