Not to Save One’s Life: ‘I, The Realist’ Official Video OUT 02. DEC 2013

The Ep is done. The final master has been delivered.
To understand what you should expect, the first content Kreative Klan will release is a Videoclip, taken from the single track ‘I, The Realist’. One of our favourite songs… The video was realized last july, by the director Martin Potocnick, great movie maker from Innsbruck which is a lot into snowboard and skateboard filming as well. We won’t reveal anything, beside the fact it was shot during a show, at PMK: the second show NTS1L had as NTS1L… the way they have chosen for this one is the live-performance video. There will be a second video soon, taken from the song ‘Connection‘ where there will be a proper storyline and stuff… But for now, you just enjoy some real music playing, on stage.

Hopes Are Burning: ‘I Will Leave This World TOUR 2013′ || Complete Photo Report

Hopes Are Burning on stage throughtout Slovakia for a few days. The promo tour is not over but these are nice pictures to be shared with you guys. Don’t miss on the chance to see them live, if you have any. The EP they are promoting – ‘I Will Leave This World – is just great, and Hopes Are Burning are ready as never to play everywhere! ‘I Will Leave This World‘ is now available online and in CD. Make sure you get your own copy to be played and played again.

Deadalus: Kreative Klan Endorser Photobook

Waiting for Deadalus album to come out, here is the best kreativeklan photoshoot we could take of our belgian endorsers. During last summer our friends were in Verona for a mix + vocals’ recording session @ Kreative Klan Studio. That’s where came Sara, awesome photographer from Turin, who got the best pictures of them for us, in some really urban set she found around the studio… can you believe it is Verona here?? f***k romeo and juliet… Thanks to Deadalus and many thank to Sara for these amazing shots. Do you like them? Wait to listen to Deadalus album then…

Anymore: ‘Heartbeat European Tour 2013′ || Photo Report pt.1

Anymore are back… for now!! They have been out there for 10 long days, driving during the day and seeing the world at night! They have been in Paris, Belgium, CZ and so many places else! This is a nice selection of shots to make you see how fun (and tough sometimes…) it can be to make some music on stage today. This is one of our best bands guys… and we are so proud of them! Wait for them to hit the road again… very soon!!