Finally out the Ep from the posthc band from Viterbo Hopes Are Burning! I Will Leave This World is one of the best record Kreative Klan ever released. The bands is touring already around Europe. They hit Slovakia already and more dates are yet to be announced to finally play these tracks everywhere!

Salad Days Magazine: Issue # 16 Out Now! Kreative Klan ADV Page || Minatox69

Available Now Salad Days Magazine #16… Cover dedicated to the documentary Salad Days by Scott Crawford (saladdaysdc.com). The movie is about those hc days in Washington DC, which gave the name to our favourite magazine ever.

New Signing Band to Kreative Klan: TripSitter (melodic hc from Innsbruck)

There was one night, last summer, when we said… let’s go to Innsbruck. There’s a nice gig at the “PMK”, TripSitter are playing. Let’s see what they’re made of… And it was amazing. So much better than we expected. A melodic hardcore band. 4 guys on stage… Not too many songs, people in the club couldn’t wait for them to start, and they were right. Melodies and anger, all in one band. The drums were asymmetric, vocals and backings were passionate. Half of the work was made by amazing guitar lines: the melodies kept following one another, adding music content to the whole thing, without ever getting messy. And in the end, we just felt in a hardcore gig, with people smashing and not caring too much about their haircuts (there were some pretty jumpy girls in the pit as well… and that was great).

Malleus: Slovakian Tour 2013 w/Let Them Fall || … time to leave is now!!

Time to leave for Malleus. Slovakia is waiting for them, and to make us happy they made a whole stock of new merch! Giv’em your support and go check them on stage slovakian friends! We can assure you, you won’t regret it! Check www.kreativeklan.com and keep yourself updated about Malleus Euro Tour 2013