Deadalus: Self Defense Course in 5 easy lessons @ Kreative Klan Studio! How 2 Kill People and much more…

In case you missed on this, here they are… all 5 lessons to learn how to kill people in NO TIME!! Yes, it’s true… Kreative Klan is a lot into training, whether it’s sound recording or physical self defence. Verona can be tough… especially at night!! Joking aside, it was so fun having Deadalus from Liège in Kreative Klan Studio! Thanks for the laughs, for the hard work and for the record you gave us the honour of publishing! We will take the best out of it… promised!!

Hopes Are Burning: ‘I Will Leave This World’ Single Track OUT NOW! Full EP available on November 12th…

Waiting for the full EP release, here is the single track exclusive preview of ‘I Will Leave This World‘, the song which gives the name to the whole record!! Just for this week you can download Hopes Are Burning song for free if you insert a KK download code on our website!!! Register yourself to and insert your free download code!!! Follow the instructions and you will immediately receive the high quality mp3 file by email!

Anymore: ‘Heartbeat’ Euro Tour Update

Here we are, following Anymore on the road to Europe. 5 of them. A box full of ‘Heartbeats’… full backline and a couple of merch bags. France, Belgium and CZ on the way… thanks to their ‘endless’ effort and to Black Cloud Picture, which is backing up Kreative Klan in our crazy music dream. Keep yourself updated on Anymore trip, right here on

New Signing Band to Kreative Klan: Deadalus (metal from Liège)

Deadalus is a band from Liège (Belgium) which merged the former bands NARTHEX (Trash/Death) and NONE (Death/Core), two belgian projects evolving on stages during the early year 2000’s. Founded in April 2010, the band starts to rehearse and compose. December 2011, four tracks are finalised in a belgian studio. March 2011, the first EP comes out. The second EP The Axis Of Entropy is available since May 2012.