Eye Productions presents: DROP THE BASS HALLOWEEN PARTY Video Teaser // 31.10.13 special guests // SINAVER

Zombie beat per questo fantastico video-teaser firmato Eye Productions. Morente e ballerino il nostro amico zombie ci ricorda di non saltare l’appuntamento con il party zombie più fantastico di Verona. Special Guest i nostri beniamini SINAVER, freschi freschi di pubblicazione del primo album ‘Knock Your Socks Off’!!

Rejekts: Studio Diary # Part 2!!

The Album ‘UNO’ from Rejekts has been out there for quite a while now. Great response and feedback, for these 15 darkgrind tracks on KK catalogue. Here is the 2nd part of an epic studio diary. This time you have the chance to really understand what’s behind the singer vocal technique, and to enjoy more and more choral singing… That is grind in 2013!!

Kreative Klan # Elektro # Some serious Dj Scouting kicks off!!

The scouting is on again. Kreative Klan has always been into elektro music. A lot… Thanks to the precious partership with Drop the Bass, a brand new dj record project is strarting…

Sharks In Your Mouth: ‘Everything Ends’ [OFFICIAL VIDEO] Out Now!!

Finally out the amazing videoclip from our favourite Sharks! Directed by Alessandro Moglie and performed by Sharks In Your Mouth during some late night of last summer. No need for further presentation… here it is. The best video of the season!