New Signing Artist to Kreative Klan: KERSEY ( Drum and bass / Electronic / Experimental )

You all know Kreative Klan is all about punk/hc/metal bands. You also know that we find a certain kind of electro scene quite attractive… especially when electronic music is mixing up with dubstep, underground and experimental music.

It is down this road that we met Kersey: + Mrhex, both coming from Psyncoma metal band and both approaching to drum and bass with the same passion they put during being an metal band.

Forgive My Insanity: ‘Keyframe’ Ep OUT NOW!!

KEYFRAME EP finally Out!! Mixed and mastered @ Kreative Klan Studio, ‘Keyframe’ is the first effort from this awesome band from Vercelli!! Having the videoclip ‘Vodka’ on BlankTv alreadyt, they set up everything to spread their music everywhere!

Not To Save One’s Life: Working On Their First Live Video Right Now!!

Not To Save One’s Life, from Austria, are currently working on their first video!  It’s going to be a live video, shot during a show at the PMK in Innsbruck, their home town! The song is called “I, The Realist”, and will be included in their debut Ep, to be released soon under Kreative Klan and entirely recorded, mixed and mastered at Kreative Klan Studio.

Forgive My Insanity: ‘Vodka’ Official Premiere on BlankTV!

Great Premiere for FORGIVE MY INSANITY Official Video ‘Vodka’!!! Just 2 more days to get to the actual EP ‘Keyframe’ release under Kreative Klan, which was mixed and mastered @ Kreative Klan Studio!!

Meanwhile ‘VODKA’!!! Share it! Share it! Share it!