Deadalus: I Will Show You How To Kill People (Lesson 1)

Finally out the first episode of the Deadliest Self Defense Course!!! He’s Nicolas, from Deadalus, and here at Kreative Klan Studio, he “will show you how to kill people”. This is the first of the five lessons, at the end of which, we assure you, you will be turned into a KILLING MACHINE!!

Rejekts: ‘UNO’ Album Out September 6th # Studio Diary # Part 1!!

A week away from Rejekts Album ‘UNO’ Release here is the STUDIO DIARY Part.1! 6th of September would be the date you should note on your calendar…

We thought it could be useful to inform you about this italian grind band studio habits… whether these habits were singing ‘a cappella’ religious hymns or pirate traditional songs!

Hopes Are Burning: ‘I Will Leave This World’ Ep Cover/Painting + Tracklist Preview

Hopes Are Burning are glad to present the preview of their debut Ep, stem mastered @ Kreative Klan Studio, comin’out next September 6th! This cover is something we don’t see very often. It is not the usual high def photoshop cover.

It is – instead – a proper painting by the Kyrgyzstan artist Ludmilla Fillippova, now living and working in Tuscania (VT) after attending the School of Arti Visive di Tuscania. That is why… just this time… it’s worth it to show the back of the album as well…

Corso Intensivo di Speakeraggio Radio/Tv

Corso avanzato rivolto ad attori, cantanti o operatori dello spettacolo che vogliano approfondire l’utilizzo della propria voce ad uso di Speakeraggio pubblicitario, radiofonico o televisivo. L’obiettivo è quello di affinare le capacità tecniche ed espressive indispensabili per esercitare la professione del Voice Over Artists per un inserimento immediato nel mercato pubblicitario radio-televisivo.