Sinaver: Cover + Tracklist from ‘KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF’ Full Album

Full of pride Kreative Klan Team is about to release the first dubstep album of its catalogue. Sinaver worked hard on this record for the last 2 years, while releasing 3 single track under kk and filling half of our great Street High & Loft Compilation ‘On the Street’, distributed in Italy in November 2012.

Sharks In Your Mouth: Sneak Pics from the Upcoming Videoclip’ Shootings… ‘Everything Ends’!!

Sharks In Your Mouth aren’t waiting the end of the summer to work on their forthcoming single track release. While you are being lazy on the beach the are shooting the best videoclip you will watch on metal webtvs this year!

Rejekts: ‘UNO’ Album COVER + Tracklist || OUT 6th SEPTEMBER

Rejekts will release Uno, their debut album and first record with Kreative Klan, in stores and via digital retailers on September 6. The Cover takes its reason from the very meaning of the whole album: the ‘one’, meant as an individual ‘against’ the concept of ‘more’ and ‘others’. If this confrontontation will have a positive outcome you will understand it by yourself, listening to the album, as already said, September 6th!

Sharks In Your Mouth @ Kreative Klan Studio || Studio Diary – Day 1 Out Now

Here we are, Sharks In Your Mouth Studio Diary – Day 1 is finally online!!

Sharks In Your Mouth were @ Kreative Klan Studio last week to record their new single, out soon and ready to kick you in the nuts! Here you can watch the first part of their hilarious Studio Diary, and you can get a hint the amazing riffs and chorus the band has been able to come up with!!!