Rejekts: Debut Album ‘Uno’ || Recorded, Mixed and Mastered @ Kreative Klan Studio

Band from Milan, Saronno scene more precisely.
We met them last spring. They delivered to us a 15 tracks album project, named ‘UNO’, like to say ‘ONE’ in italian…

Here Kreative Klan is thrusting itself to the limits of sound deconstruction, where the tracks are a few seconds long and the beat rate is fast as you can imagine.

Anymore: ‘Heartbeat’ Ep COVER + Tracklist

‘HEARTBEAT’ Ep Tracklist
1. Metal Is Dead
2. Downfall
3. Fucking Lies
4. Game Over
5. The Deceived
6. Endless…

Anymore: ‘Heartbeat’ EP || Reamping, Mix and Mastering @ Kreative Klan Studio

Formed in 2010, based in Bergamo, Anymore came to Kreative Klan to get to a great release the soonest possible. It was exactly listening to some preprods of their upcoming Ep ‘Heartbeat‘, that we discovered Anymore a few months ago.

The style was definite, the performing flawless, the attitude was the reason we signed them without second thoughts!

Anymore recorded the whole Ep themselves to reamp, mix and master it in Kreative Klan Studio.

Gardaland “Madagascar” Tv Adv

Il team di lavoro del Kreative Klan Studio firma Sound Logo e voice over del nuovo spot tv di Gardaland tutto dedicato al celebre film animato “Madagascar“.

Voce inconfondibile di Paolo Tonetto e creatività audio e post-produzione di Kreative Klan Studio.

Godetevi questo 15 secondi dedicato al mondo del circo e dei mitici protagonisti di Madagascar. Una nuova e fantastica attrazione vi aspetta a Gardaland, il Parco Divertimenti numero 1 in Italia!!