TripSitter + Not to Save One’s Life announce their upcoming Eastern Euro Tour 2014

TripSitter and Not to Save One’s Life, two bands Kreative Klan signed last year, two bands with a brand new Ep out. Being close friends and both great bands they will leave for a european tour next April 12th. 7 gig, driving around Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. They will be supported by the french post-hc band Anna Sage and by the italians Elyne (This Is Core).

Marmore: ‘Paura della Luce’ EP Cover + Tracklist Preview

The record is done, recorded at Livingston Studios (London) and after a long while mixed and mastered at our Kreative Klan Studio. A 4 tracks’ Ep which means a lot to us… Here is the exclusive preview of ‘Paura della Luce‘ Tracklist and Photo Cover, which is one of the best non-human derelicts shot by Sara Massaglia photography ( Starting from this photo, Fabiola Murillo designed the full artwork,

Kreative Klan Tour: TripSitter Release Party w/ Skyshape + Not to Save One’s Life + Marmore @ PMK (Innsbruck)

Kreative Klan onTour is back: the web-tv show where we follow our greatest bands on stage, where they belong. In this clip the Release Party of ‘Decampment’ EP by TripSitter amazingly supported by Skyshape, Not to Save One’s Life and Marmore! A song from each band to give you a hint of how great it was the night we had in Innsbruck @ PMK…

Sinfulness: March 7th || 6K Fest @ Mad Cafè – Liège w/ ARCHETYPE (UK) + RESURRECTION (B-Limburg) + DOOMED FROM DAY ONE (UK) + guests

Sinfulness are playing @ the next 6K Fest show. 6K FEST – Next 7th March 2014 @ Mad Café – 4000 LIEGE…