Record Label and Publishing


Kreative Klan Studio è l’estensione “operativa” di Kreative Klan, etichetta discografica e brand di Music Apparel (

Qui le band hanno, non solo l’opportunità di realizzare il proprio lavoro in uno studio di registrazione professionale, ma anche di entrare in diretto contatto con la nostra etichetta discografica e società di publishing.

Quindi potreste entrare nel nostro studio con la volontà di registrare un bellissimo disco ed uscirne anche con un contratto discografico, un contratto di edizione e un’endorsing con una azienda di abbigliamento….. Possibilità alquanto remota altrove….


Kreative Klan Studio is not only a recording studio; it is the place where your talent can be voiced!

If you play good-quality music, here you have the opportunity to record your work in a highly professional recording studio, to publish, promote and deliver it thanks to the record label and publishing company which are part of our family.

Kreative Klan, our music label and fashion brand, is really looking for new talents in Electro, Black/Hip Hop, Alternative/Punk/HC e Rock/Metal genres in order to look after their production, publishing, promotion and live sets.

Kreative Klan Publishing, our publishing company, attends to the registration and legal protection of music works. Thanks to our long experience in music market, we can identify the most suitable dealers to our catalogue assuring it a worldwide distribution and use by making business relations with several foreign sub-editors.

To put it bluntly…you could come to our studio to record the best full-length you’ve ever recorded before and come back home with a record and publishing deal as well as an endorsing by Kreative Klan Music Apparel, our fashion brand… You don’t say!