Rejekts: ‘UNO’ Album COVER + Tracklist || OUT 6th SEPTEMBER

Rejekts will release Uno, their debut album and first record with Kreative Klan, in stores and via digital retailers on September 6. The Cover takes its reason from the very meaning of the whole album: the ‘one’, meant as an individual ‘against’ the concept of ‘more’ and ‘others’. If this confrontontation will have a positive outcome you will understand it by yourself, listening to the album, as already said, September 6th!

‘UNO’ Track listing

01. Evanescente Inverno
02. Nihilius
03. Io Senza Me
04. Submorale
05. Fango
06. Abbandono
07. Nessuno
08. Sguardo a Ponente
09. Asettico
10. Carne e acciaio
11. 5 Minuti di Vuoto
12. Quando Apophis Mangiò il Sole
13. L’Odio che hai Dentro
14. Caduta
15. Saru No Tsuki

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