TripSitter: #02 May 2014# ‘As Long As We Hold on Hope’ OFFICIAL VIDEO PREMIERE ON FLHPromotions

The best song of the record. No doubt about it… TripSitter – which have just unpacked after their first European Tour – are delivering an awesome VideoClip from As Long As We Hold on Hope in a few days. To present this Video TripSitter wanted a platform of friends… Since 2011 there’s a promotion circuit which share the same passion TripSitter have for melodic hc. We’re talking about FaithLoveHope Promotions which presents itself as “a non-profit organization to support up-and-coming, talented Melodic Hardcore bands from all over the world”…

Melodic hc is a really strong scene all around the world, voicing so many musical shades but sharing the same screaming passion for doing music. TripSitter couldn’t hope for a better web window to share their last effort. Directed by Final Chapter. (which is Paul Ambrusch film/photo creature), As Long As We Hold on Hope will be out next Friday 02 May 2014 on FLHPromotions youtube tv channel.

[...] There are so many unknown, talented bands out there who deserve to get discovered. NOTE: This is not a religion-related page. “Faith” in ‘FaithLoveHope Promotions’ stands for believing in something.  Not more, not less. [...]

Isn’t this a nice description of TripSitter??